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Welcome to PortCity Boxers, where we are passionate about raising the best quality Show Boxers and beloved family pets! 

We are immensely proud of our girl, Portcity’s Southern Charm! During her debut into show life at the Tarheel and Concord Clusters, the week of her second birthday, she beautifully progressed from class seconds, to class firsts, onto achieving Two Reserve Winners Bitch placements under Judge Mr. Hiroshi Kamisato and under Judge Ms. Carolyn I. Alexander! AND…. won Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex and Best of Winners earning her First Two Points at the Columbia Kennel Club Show in Concord, NC under Judge Dr. Gary L. Sparschu!!  Thankyou Ms. Alexander, Mr. Kamisato and Dr. Sparschu for your recognition and most of all… A huge thankyou to you Vicky East, for the Wonderful Care and Excellent Handling you gave to our girl!! Woohoo, we are so excited and proud of you sweetheart!  

Portcity Boxers Puppies - AKC Dog Breeder Wilmington NC

Thanks for taking time to visit us! 

PortCity Boxers is a premier breeder of AKC Boxers in the Southeastern North Carolina region. Our Boxers are bred for a genetically healthy disposition, intelligence, and companionship. With proper care, you will find your Boxer to be a wonderful friend to your family. We are located in the beautiful town of Wilmington, NC. 

As a small family oriented breeder, we focus on producing the perfect line family pets and show quality puppies. We believe in quality, not quantity. Each of our dogs were chosen for their bloodlines to ensure great dispositions and healthy pups. Health tests have been done throughout the genealogy of our Boxers. We offer a natural alternative for the care and nutrition of our dogs to promote a healthy Boxer. These loving dogs will make a wonderful addition to your family.

Boxers are the best breed of dog for children and babies.
Dog Fancy's
Top 10 Reasons to Own a Boxer:

Portcity Boxers - AKC Dog Breeder Wilmington NC10. A Boxer will love you and protect you for life.
9. A Boxer is highly intelligent and can learn anything 
      you're willing to teach.
8. Boxers love children, and the two can help wear each
      other out.
7. A Boxer will help keep you in shape because of all  the
      exercise he requires.
6. A Boxer is a multi-talented dog that excels in canine
5. You can name him after your favorite fighter: Sugar Ray,
      Tyson, Rocky, Frazier, Ali.
4. When you want to go out, it's difficult to find a more
      desirable escort than a Boxer.
3. A Boxer's short shiny coat comes in a handsome fawn
      or brindle, and is
easy to care for.
2. A Boxer combines strength and agility with elegance
      and style.
1. Beneath that serious facade beats the heart of a clown.

AKC Dog Show Wilmington, NC - Portcity Boxers - Hanover Kennel Club
Portcity’s Mighty Warrior Princess
 at the Hanover Kennel Club Show

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